Wisdom Healing Qigong

Qigong is the skillful practice of cultivating our internal life energy so that we can enjoy healthy, vibrant, happy lives. Qi, also spelled “chi”, refers to the life energy that flows through all things in the universe. “Gong” means the skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Qigong is a very broad term! For example, Yoga and Tai Chi are practices involving the skilled cultivation of life energy.

Classes include going deep into every physical layer of the body to release blockages, linking to the subconscious to release emotional trauma without having to revisit the stories connected to the traumas, balancing the brain and entire nervous system, and learning how to integrate external source energy (qi) with internal source energy to move toward optimal well-being. All movements are relatively simple and can be modified to accommodate anyone. For example, classes may include a triathlon athlete practicing alongside someone recovering from a stroke.

A primary focus of Wisdom Healing Qigong is to enable people to more fully awaken the healer within them.