Massage at The Embodiment Center

Cat Matlock is pleased to announce her new mentorship program at The Embodiment Center. Cat has worked with thousands of clients and students over the last 25 years as she has continuously studied the body and mind (and heart) developing her methods of addressing dysfunction, injury, and chronic pain. She has designed a one year mentorship program through which she will teach, guide, and encourage massage therapists in the practices and techniques she has found most helpful in creating more ease in the body. Cat will work with these therapists for a month and then her apprentices will be available at the Center for massage sessions.

Please note that each apprentice has been chosen because they already have excellent sensitivity and skill. They will now add trigger point therapy, practices to soften the nervous system into healing mode, greater anatomy understanding, greater understanding of tensional systems, and more through the guidance of Cat over the next year. We will begin booking massage sessions with those in the program mid-March for appoints starting in April.

This program will be ongoing and a new set of therapists will have the opportunity next year to mentor under Cat’s careful guidance.