Linda Go

My first yoga experience was a kundalini pranayama meditation class I took in 1995. This started me on my shamanic yogic path, deepening my connection with Spirit through breath work and sound meditation with all it’s mysteries and merits. As a professional vocalist and recording artist, I value breath control and capacity so always appreciate practices for improving vocal performance. I had no idea at that time how pranayama meditation would work it’s magic in guiding and awakening me to my Higher Self.

In 2000, as I struggled to meditate one morning prior to a shamanic initiation pilgrimage, I received a unique “download” of mantra-like sounds that stimulated my seven chakra system. I’ve since developed this sound meditation practice to share with clients, and workshop participants as Sounds of the Chakras Meditation: a breath and voice activated Nada yoga technique. These 7 sounds, with their specific instructions for employing them for chakra health as well as many untold benefits for humankind.

I feel like I am made of music, so composing music for mantras, and my sound healing practice naturally lead me to study at the American Institute for Sanskrit and with Yoga of Sacred Sound author, Russill Paul. Oshen and Bhakti<>Shakti are two music duos that I perform and record with that continually nourish and celebrate my love for vocal
collective, musical community and the Sanskrit language.

In 2017, I completed a fun-filled 250hr yoga teacher training at Asheville Community Yoga, registered with Yoga Alliance and am thrilled to be a part of Asheville’s all embracing family of yoga loving people ! Namaste!

Linda leads classes in Restorative with live music as well as workshops in a unique version of Nada Yoga called “Sounds of the Chakras” in which she incorporates her lifelong vocal and music experience, shamanic sound healing practice, with vocalized sounds. Linda has
studied Tantric mantra chants with Russill Paul, author of The Sound of Yoga and completed Level 1 Sanskrit at American School of Sanskrit. She records and performs with
dance-chant group, Bhakti<>Shakti and kirtan duo, oSHen.

Linda lives in Madison County and currently offers online and in person Voice lessons as well as privates and group sessions for Sounds of the Chakras Meditation, Level 1 Sanskrit and Bhakti Yoga for anyone wanting to learn or deepen their kirtan practice.

Contact Linda at : [email protected] or