Iyengar Yoga

We offer several levels of Iyengar Yoga instruction. No matter your age or physical abilities, our Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers can guide you to an experience of yoga that is accessible and beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit. As Mr. Iyengar said, “The physical is a bridge to the spiritual.”

Certified Iyengar Yoga instructors are held to a rigorous standard. Only after years of training and evaluation do they become certified. They give clear demonstrations of the poses and often cite their specific benefits. Poses are taught in a sequenced, step-by-step manner that encourages the body to become stronger and more flexible over time, as the mind quiets and conscious awareness expands.

Instructors individualize corrections for students, who know they are observed and, if necessary, adjusted. Often, they modify poses with the use of props, such as blocks, blankets, straps, and chairs to ensure each student can experience the asana safely and deeply.

Iyengar Slow Yoga, 6 Week Series

This introductory series acquaints students new to yoga to the fundamentals of basic yoga postures in the Iyengar method. This is the foundational class to progress to Iyengar Level I or Alignment Level 1 classes, although many students choose to continue to attend this class beyond the six-week series. Slow Yoga is recommended for yoga students of all levels who enjoy a slow, mindful practice.

Iyengar, Level 1

Appropriate for students who have completed the introductory Iyengar series, or who have some yoga experience and want to learn more of the scope and depth of the Iyengar method. Standing poses are emphasized, along with simple twists, sitting poses and chest openers. Students learn the basics of yoga with props. Preparatory poses for inversions are introduced. Basic breathing awareness is practiced.

Iyengar, Level 2

Geared for students who are well practiced in Iyengar Level I postures. Basic postures are refined, and shoulderstand, headstand, full arm balance, and backbends are introduced with proper modifications for each student. Basic pranayama (specific breathing practices) is taught.

Iyengar, Level 1|2

Perfect for students who have experience in Iyengar yoga and want to go deeper with their poses. This class challenges the newer student and gives them confidence to move into more challenging poses.

Iyengar, Level 2|3

Designed for students with at least two years of Iyengar yoga training or alignment-based yoga. Students need to be strong in standing postures and able to maintain headstand and shoulderstand with confidence for five minutes. Headstand variations, intermediate postures, and seated pranayama are taught. A home practice should be well established.

Iyengar Donation Class, All Levels

The class welcomes students of all levels of Iyengar and alignment-based yoga. Modifications will be offered to customize the poses to each student’s ability.