Greta Kent-Stoll

Greta feels fortunate that she began a yoga practice in her early twenties. After a few years of practice in mixed forms, she met her first Iyengar yoga teacher, Kofi Busia, in 2003, when she returned to her hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. Greta moved to San Francisco in 2006 and completed her yoga teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She completed additional teacher training with Kofi Busia, as well as Tony Briggs.

“I feel so grateful that I was able to study regularly with senior Iyengar yoga teachers such as Manouso Manos, Kofi Busia, and Ramanand Patel. When I teach, I try to carry forward what I have learned from these amazing instructors.”

Greta’s yoga teaching experience has included creating and teaching a yoga program to 5th-8th graders at San Francisco Friends School, as well as teaching in various studios and workplace settings.

Yoga and Ayurveda have transformed Greta’s life at the deepest level and she is eternally grateful for the opportunity to share this rich, vast, and rigorous tradition with others.