Practice. Evolve. Shine.

The root of The Embodiment Center is the Koshas (Sheaths), teachings from yogis texts called The Upanishads.  In this view of humans, we are 5 layered beings.  The outermost layer is our physical human body.  One layer in is our “sheath” of breath and energy.  Just deep to that is the layer of the mind, our thoughts and feelings.  Deeper still is our “intellect,” our core beliefs about ourselves and the world.   Our innermost layer is our core of radiant light and joy. We believe that we use the practices of yoga, forgiveness, dance, meditation, etc to clear blockages in our outer 4 layers so that our inner radiance shines more brightly.  When we are resting in that inner radiance, we experience more joy, peace, and love.  From that experience, we shine that Light outwards into our families and communities with service, patience, and kindness.