Deborah Moore

Deb is a certified advanced teacher and healer facilitator of Wisdom Healing Qigong via Master Mingtong Gu, a certified sound healer via Jonathan Goldman, and a certified NIA instructor.

Deb’s qigong classes spontaneously flow to best serve the needs of the class. Classes include going deep into every physical layer of the body to release blockages, linking to the subconscious to release emotional trauma without having to revisit the stories connected to the traumas, balancing the brain and entire nervous system, and learning how to integrate external source energy (qi) with internal source energy to move toward optimal well-being. All movements are relatively simple and can be modified to accommodate anyone. For example, classes may include a triathlon athlete practicing alongside someone recovering from a stroke.

Deb’s own healing stories support her beliefs. She has experienced spontaneous remission from cancer. When she began Wisdom Healing Qigong, within only 4 weeks of dedicated practice, all of her symptoms from Lyme and chronic fatigue disappeared. Deb provides weekend-long healing retreats as well as assists at retreats led by her primary qigong teacher, Master Mingtong Gu in Santa Fe, New Mexico (