Cathy Eising; MSW, CIYT Jr. Intermediate I

Cathy has been studying Iyengar Yoga since the early 1980’s. She began as a “once a week” student while working in a variety of mental health settings as a psychotherapist. She was captivated by the power of yoga to touch unused areas in the body and unconscious places in the mind. She found that the practice delivered the skills to cultivate courage, insight and integrate the whole being. She soon became “hooked” on this formidable art and science of self care that carried a template for the flowering of spirit in daily living.

Her greatest influence as a teacher was Mary Dunn with whom she had the honor of studying yoga and teacher training from the early 1990’s until her passing in 2008. Other fine teachers that have influenced her are Joan White, Patricia Walden, Carrie Owerko and John Schumacher.

Cathy embodies a love of yoga in her teaching and delights in sharing the skills and insights with her students that have brought light into her life. She welcomes each individual who shows up, each with a different history. She guides students to gently and skillfully work with their areas of tenderness or pain and will sometimes modify a pose so they can experience it’s essence without strain. At other times she will encourage going beyond the usual conditioned patterns of movement and thought toward a direct experience of balance and alignment that has the power to reintegrate how a student moves in the world. This is practiced using a wide variety of poses, posture and breath.