Caitlin Van Hecke

Caitlin loves to ponder the question, “What if we started living yoga and practicing life?” Continuously connecting the dots between what happens on your mat with what happens off is what propels her to share her passion with others. She received her yoga teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center in 2008, and in the ensuing years has continued to study and cultivate her knowledge and skills through an array of modalities and teachers, both in Asheville and DC, where she lived for many years. Her kinesthetic approach to teaching combines focused attention on the breath with alignment-based movement, so the physical practice develops into a moving meditation. She appreciates seated meditation as well, and tries to incorporate time for that towards the end of every class. She also finds much inspiration from Pilates and foam rolling techniques, and believes that multiple forms of connecting with the body and mind lead to greater understanding of how to connect the dots!