Allen Horowitz

Allen has been practicing and teaching Qi Gong for over 20 years. He has also taught Yoga, and various types of mindful exercises at his Yoga, Tai Chi and Massage Studio and at his fitness center, both in East Hampton, New York. He has been featured in Self Magazine, on CBS 60 Minutes, and authored The Body Shop Exercise Program.

Allen first experienced QiGong in a class at the Florida School of Massage. When he first felt the Qi coursing throughout his entire body only a few minutes into the lesson he was ‘hooked’.

He continued his studies with Master Song Arun of France.   And after 7 years of working with Allen, Master Song suggested that he share his knowledge and teach.

He has studied with Master Roger Jahnke, Malik, Don Ahn, Larry C., Michael Winn, Minke deVos and Master Robert Peng.  And he continues to study and learn different forms and styles to keep growing and enhancing his practice.

Allen is very happy to be part of The Embodiment Center team.  You can view Allen’s website at